3 Key Benefits of Forex Megadroid – Why You Should Use This Automated Forex Trading Robot

do the currency trading for you 24/7. It is designed by two experienced Forex trader by the name of Albert Perrie and John Grace.

The main question is: Why is this software so different from other automated Forex trading robot that is currently available in the market? And what are 3 key benefits of using this software?

First, the software is programmed in such a way it runs on Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis Tecnology or RCPTA technology. The Forex MegaDroid Robot is capable of accurately seeing into the immediate future with a 95.86% accuracy rate. No hype intended but some Forex insiders have already started to claim that Forex Megadroid is on its way to breaking the 1,000% net profit level for 2009. Well, the reason this robot is one of the few that is capable of actually achieving this is because of its advanced Artificial Intelligence breakthrough: RCTPA.

Secondly, it is a “multi-market” condition performer. In other words, the software adapts itself to any and every market condition. When you compare this automated Forex trading robot with the rest of similar programs in the market, you will notice that Forex Megadroid is actually the first robot with such unique ability. Due to this these two unique features, this automated Forex trading robot will outperform ANY robot on the market for quite some time to come. However, time will tell whether there will be other brand new Forex trading program with such unique capabilities when software programmers from all over the world would try to work their sleeves up to develop and clone another version of automated Forex trading robot that has the same Artificial Intelligence programmed inside the Forex Megadroid EA.

Third, the software is designed to be user-friendly. According to the programmers, the Forex MegaDroid program, has been designed in such a way that the user needs absolutely no experience or knowledge of Forex trading in order to make full use of this Forex trading software. For the beginners, this is indeed a “Plug and Play” software that can be installed within 5 minutes and trade automatically for you. Plenty of valuable time can be saved as you don’t need to waste hours trying to figure out on how to install the program on your home PC. What is more important is to allow the automated Forex trading robot to perform the trade for you.

Also, another good point about this software is the fact that the creators of this program do not charge the users with monthly subscription. There are several Forex trading programs that charge the user with exorbitant monthly subscription rate – some as high as $97 per month but Forex Megadroid is different. No monthly charge whatsoever is mentioned so this is good news indeed for new users of this software.

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