Forex MegaDroid and the Newbies – Some Features That Benefit Beginners of Forex Trading

The Forex Megadroid is the automated program that dubbed as trading hands-free. Its advantage over manual trading is its ability to do the currency trading at anytime. The machine is designed by two experienced trader named John Grace and Albert Perrie.

The following content would mention about three main features of the software. First, Forex MegaDroid is programmed to run on RCPTA, the acronym of Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis Tecnology. The robot is able to predict the future with the accuracy of 95.86%. The company’s website claims the Droid is close to break the 1,500 net profit level by the end of this year. There are many people who are waiting to witness how the Artificial Intelligence is making the next breakthrough.

Next, the automated program features its it high adaptability for multi-market situations. It takes an all-rounder to fit into all types of market condition. This is the feature that is not mentioned in other Forex trading automated robots. The mechanism of its all-time adaptability is not revealed. But the point is this automated Forex trading software can easily outperform other robots on the market unless the future models explore further on the all-weather conditions to increase their flexibility to trade at all times. Another blackbox that is not being opened is the notion of Artificial Intelligence being already programmed inside the Megadroid, there is nothing much about the feature that is being explained to the public.

Thirdly, the software provides the ‘plug and play’ feature that can be installed less than five minutes and start trading automatically. It becomes an attraction to the beginners who do not want a difficult installation of the robot, and cannot devote many hours a day learning the details of manual trading, they definitely need the automated Forex trading robot to help them with their tradings at the very beginning. What I say is not a complete replacement of human responsibility, newbies still have to pick up bits and pieces of the fundamentals of manual tradings, but MegaDroid acts as an informative assistant for newbies to learn trading automatically, not like the people in the historical past, where everything has to be gather and analysed by hands.

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